ADHD as Told to Children

Written by Ariane Hébert, psychologist

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ADHD as Told to Children
  • Éditeur québécois

Leo is nine years old when he's diagnosed with ADHD. "I have WHAT?" he asks himself, somewhat confused. How to answer that question?

There’s nothing better than an illustrated story to explain to children the different aspects of ADHD.
Does your child behave like a werecat? Or perhaps more like a little turtle? Or maybe your child buzzes around like a hyper-energized bee? Explore this aspect together in the "self-observation" section of this colourful and pleasing little book.

To help overcome the difficulties associated with ADHD, the book gives tricks that are applicable to daily life: staying focused, becoming organized, planning, calming yourself, and mastering your emotions.
This book is essential for parents and childcare professionals who wish to broach this condition with children, providing a simple and illustrated method.